Montana FWP Seeks Comments Regarding Proposed Changes to 2016 Fishing Regulations

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Montana FWP is currently seeking comments regarding their list of proposed changes to the 2016 state fishing regulations. The deadline to submit these comments is Oct. 3.

While it seems that a number of these proposed changes appear aimed at streamlining current regulations to make them easier to understand, a few of these proposals have raised concern, particularly with regard to fish harvest on the upper Madison (see this article on Chiwulff for further elaboration). Discussion about changes on this stretch of water seems to have led to the FWP’s writing up of a supplemental document called “Madison River Proposal – Clarification.”

Regardless of your views, it’s always helpful to keep up to date on these regulations, whether you visit these streams regularly or are heading out to a new body of water.

If you want to learn more about these proposed changes and how you can let MTFWP know how you feel about them, you can find all the information you need here: