Our Issues Are Moving

Our Publications are Moving.moving to yumpu

After hosting our magazine on ISSUU for over three years, I have decided to move all our issues to Yumpu.  This move will be complete by March 15.

Why move?

The move was prompted by a notice from ISSUU that they would be increasing my yearly hosting costs by 50%, effective next month. While larger publications might easily absorb this cost, I see it as money that could better be used elsewhere and as a cue to move on. After considerable research into an alternative, I am convinced that Yumpu is better.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re a regular visitor, not much. You’ll still be able to find all our publications here on our website without having to go somewhere else. The viewer that contains our publications will change –slightly– but hopefully for the better.

The Yumpu viewer is surprisingly similar to the ISSUU viewer, or at least more to what the ISSUU viewer was before they added all the annoying blue dots to all of our publications. The Yumpu service also allows for greater flexibility in the magazine layout. Among other things, it allows for videos and slideshows to be embedded directly in the magazine, something I’ve wanted to do since we began back in 2012 but couldn’t do with ISSUU. The Yumpu embed utility also allows our covers to be displayed without the unsightly “Read Now” text blocking the imagery. The cover image shown will be an actual image, so those looking to share our covers can do so more easily, without having to visit our press releases.

If you are a member of ISSUU and follow us there, links to our publications will no longer work after March 15. This will affect all links to all of our publications and stacks that contain these links.