Back Issues: 2012

In This Issue:

Photography by Tom Olivo, Ehren Wells, and Eric Berkner.

“First Trout Deceptions” by Ryan Kennedy.

“The Lower Madison” by Pat Straub.

“‘Exciting’ Fly Fishing” by Hale Harris.

‘Worth a Second Look” by Greg Lewis.

“From the Field to the Fly-tying Bench” by Greg Lewis.


In this issue:

Photography by Eric Berkner, Bryan Gregson, and Greg Lewis

“The South Fork of the Flathead” By Bill Pfeiffer

“TroutSpey 103” by John Noreika

“Interview with a Brown Trout” by Hale Harris

“Artist Interview: Loren Kovich” by Greg Lewis

“Looking Back on the Lamar” by Pat Straub

In this issue:

Photography by James Anderson and Tom Olivo.

“Bucking Up” By Evan Phillippe.

“TroutSpey 102” by John Noreika.

“Guides and Clients from Hell” by Hale Harris.

“Hopper Time” by Doug McKnight.

“The Upper Madison:Not Your Grandpa’s River Anymore” by Pat Straub.


In this issue: 

Photography by Tom Olivo and Ryan Brewer.

“Why Missoula” By Bill Pfeiffer.

“Cutthroats and Love Notes” by Pat Straub.

“Bitterroot: Chasing Skwala” by Greg Lewis.

“Artist Interview: Bern Sundell” by Jeff Hostetler.

“A Man And His Craft” by Jamie Rogers.

“The Bighorn Fantastic Four: Survival Patterns” by Hale Harris.

In This Issue:

Photography by Ryan Brewer.

“The Missouri River: A Secret No More” by Pat Straub.

“Yellowstone: An Angler’s Paradise” by Greg Lewis.

“Joyful, Illogical Fly Fishing” by Hale Harris.

Featured Fly Tier: Doug McKnight.

“Winter Swimming” by Jeff Hostetler.