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Healing Waters from Foster Visuals on Vimeo.

Video Description:

“After 30 years in the Navy and 10 years in private industry, Ed Nicholson was diagnosed with cancer.
He was in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center recovering when injured vets began coming back from Iraq.

Nicholson realized there was something he could do to help them cope with their mental and physical issues.
Armed with a fly fishing rod, Ed began to teach people to cast on the front lawn of the hospital and Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing was born.

The project now takes veterans out onto the water to fly fish, but most importantly build relationships that will last for a lifetime.

The Project has grown to 178 programs in 50 States.

To support Project Healing Waters, please visit here:

View the Behind The Scenes of how we created the film here:


Cinematography: Brent Foster and Preston Kanak
Editing: Peter Schnobb
Producer: Tammy Foster


“World We Used to Know” by The Soil and the Sun
“Took a Train (Instrumental)” by Drew Barefoot
“The Shaker’s Cask (Instrumental)” by Musée Mécanique
Licensed from Marmoset

Filmed on location in :

Twin Bridges, Montana

The producers would like to thank:

Ed Nicholson
Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing
Mike & Laura Geary
Curtis Boatman
Healing Waters Lodge, Twin Bridges, Montana
Brian Mancini
Ed Norries
Andy Laffey
Randall Steiger
Cruz Ornelas
Kessler Crane
Rode Microphones


About the Project:

While I’m Here | The Legacy Project is a series of videos that profile living legacies while they’re still doing what they do best … turning life into legacy.

I decided to start this project after missing out on the chance to tell the story of a man from my hometown who dedicated his life to helping others. That man’s name was Frank Dymock. For years, Frank opened his garage to the public and sharpened skates free of charge. He wouldn’t accept a dime. He was an icon in the place where I grew up, and I always wanted to tell his story while he was still here.

Regretfully, I let time pass, and Frank passed away before I had the chance to tell his story. This project is dedicated to him and to countless others who live selflessly and truly leave a legacy, forever impacting the lives of the people lucky enough to cross their paths.

This project is 100 per cent a passion project. It’s self funded and something I wanted to do to pay it forward to people like Frank.

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